The college has sufficient funds to augment its infrastructure, laboratories and equipments. At present four additional laboratories, research library, separate blocks of Law and B.Ed., New Guest House and Staff Quarters are under construction. The total estimated cost of construction is Rs.35780294.00

For all practical subjects, the college has well-equipped laboratories.
The college has a big Botanical Garden having rare/endangered species of plants and a Herbarium Room in it.
The college has its own Health Center with basic medicinal services, Girls Common room, Common room for Day Scholars, Cycle Stand, Co-operative Society and a branch of Post Office. Car, Scooter parking for the staff is available. Tube wells, submersible pumps, hand pumps and water coolers are available for water and drinking water.
Some of the departments like Zoology, Botany, Geology have their own Museums of rare collections. A Fossil Fish “Jhingrania roonwali” discovered and named by the Geological Team of this college is a rare thing of its own kind and a lonely piece all over the World .
The college is full of greenery and green play ground. Beautification of the campus is done by plantation in planned way under the guidance of Department of Botany.
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