Learning Environment

The teaching community of this college has 7 teachers from the States other than UP and 60% of the total belongs to the far distant regions of UP other than Agra Division.

The college encourages the teachers to attend National and International Conferences and to deliver Lectures as resource persons. 20 teachers attended National Conferences, 3 Teachers attended International Conferences and 10 teachers remained as resource persons at the National Level and 3 at the International level.
Due to eminence in creative writings, teaching, research and other qualifications, 5 teachers of this college were awarded adequately by the well-recognized agencies.
Symposia, Seminars, Workshops and Extension Lectures are organized by some of the departments of the college.
Vermiculture Unit supported by D.B.T. and N.M.P.B. regularly organizes Seminars and Exhibitions for the farmers in order to update their knowledge about agro biotechnology.
The college encourages the teachers to attend faculty development programmes. Last year 35 teachers attended these programmes.
The teachers of this college assist the college administration and the University through different committees.
The college has National Linkage in teaching and research with AMU Aligarh, BHU Varanasi, all the State Universities, all the IITs and advanced centers of Research in the country, Department of Bio Technology and National Medicinal Plant Board of India. Four teachers of the college have International Linkage.
The college encourages innovative techniques in teaching and learning through educational tours, project work, museums, botanical garden, viva-voce tests etc.
The college has fame for utmost fair examination system and evaluation of answer books. Six PG departments of Science Faculty and ten PG departments of Arts Faculty and Educational Faculty are recognized centers of research.
The college encourages the research activity by providing different facilities to the teachers. At present 187 research scholars are registered for Ph.D. During the last five years 58 researchers were awarded Ph.D. 665 research papers have been published and 62 books of standard have been written by 23 teachers of this college.
Two teachers of the college visited abroad with regard to research and extension programmes
Two Major Research Projects and three Minor Research Projects are running in the college and one Major Research Project of Rs.20 Lacs has recently been sanctioned. The total outlay of research projects is 42.49 Lacs.
Some of our teachers are doing research with Multidisciplinary approach and have obtained huge grants from the Government of India for their studies in research of eminence.
The extension activity for community development is done through various government and non-government organizations. Social work, health & hygiene, Medical Camp, Literacy, Blood Donation, Aids Awareness, Rural Development etc. are carried with the cooperation of more than 10 NGOs and GOs like UNICEF, WHO and Blood Bank of District Hospital.
Our four teachers are providing our support for Research and Extension to District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) for SARVA SHIKSHA ABHIYAN.
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